Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bollywood and Moulin Rouge

I learned something interesting in my film class about Moulin Rouge. Everyone had to either write a paper about international film, or they had to give a presentation about the same subject. Two people together gave a presentation about Moulin Rouge. I thought it was cool, so I thought I'd share.

Baz Luhrmann, the director, wanted to make a movie that would connect with all different kinds of people. Luhrmann actually traveled to India in order to see a Bollywood film. He wanted his movie to be as big as a Bollywood film.

Now, to understand further, you have to understand Bollywood film. It's probably one or at least the biggest cultural sensation in India. Bollywood films are typically characterized by tons of songs, elaborate costumes and dance numbers, as well as dealing with generations of family members, with back stories and a history for each family and character.

Before a Bollywood film is released, the songs are released on the radios. If the population does not like the songs from the films, then the movie will ultimately fail. However, if the songs create a sensation, the movie will be popular. When the movie is released in theatres, their viewing routine is very, very different from America. In India, when people go to see a movie, they talk to each other, smoke, eat, drink, and answer their cell phones. When the song and dance numbers happen in the movie, everyone stops and just sings along, having a grand old time. Of course, if you've ever been to a film in theatres in America, you know that we are the complete opposite.

Anyway, if a film is widely successful, then the movie can last in theatres for up to 10 years, maybe longer.

Now this type of viewing was what Luhrmann wanted to incorporate in his movie Moulin Rouge. That is why the songs in the film are full or at least parts of already popular songs in America. He wanted people to be able to sing along to the movie. He wanted people to have a good time watching the film.

Of course, there are significant differences between Bollywood films and Moulin Rouge, which I don't need to go into right now.

Anyway, I think this all is very interesting, and I think that everyone should see a Bollywood film at some point in their life. You will probably think it's ridiculous, but it's kinda catchy and you might just find yourself tapping your foot along to the music. I know I did.

I have only seen one Billywood film as of now. It's called (loosely translated) The Brave Heart Takes the Bride.

Have a wonderful day, and remember:

"The hills are alive.... with the sound of music..."

Monday, October 8, 2007


I enjoy playing the Sims. It's one of my most favorite games of all time.

Anyway, after installing almost all of the expansion packs that I own, I started playing again on my new computer. I like to take the pre-made families and mess around with them. After playing for a few hours, this is what has happened so far in Pleasantview:

I took a guy from the family bin from Pets named Cyd Roseland. I moved him into one of those white houses, like what Don Lothario lives in. Cyd fell in crush with Brandi Broke, who liked him back. Cyd asked Brandi to move in with him. The family moved to a bigger house, the crazy modern one that comes with TS2 with the pointy roof. It reminds me of a house in my neighborhood. Anyway, so they moved in and I decorated and everything. Cyd proposed to Brandi. Brandi's belly got bigger with that pregnancy that she got from her husband who mysteriously disappeared. So I'm waiting for her to give birth to the baby before they get married, because I think that having a wedding while pregnant is trashy. That's where they stand.

Over in the Pleasant family, Daniel cheated on Mary-Sue with Kaylynn (right?) the maid. Anyway, Mary-Sue got pissed and they both dropped into Aspiration Failure. Mary-Sue gave Daniel the business and broke up with him. Daniel got the boot out of the house. The twin girls of course both hate their parents and each other. I wanted Lilith to have a better life and not be so angry, so I decided to get her out of the house.

The Oldie family are the parents of Mary-Sue. The Oldie's moved into a cute little two bedroom house (which I haven't finished decorating yet). Through the use of cheats, because it wouldn't work any other way, I had Lilith Pleasant move in with the Oldies. I'm hoping their influence will make her into a nicer girl, and stop knocking over the trash can.

Back at the Pleasant house, Mary-Sue and Angela are living together, getting on fairly well. Mary-Sue adopted a cat to try to fill that void in her heart. I wanted to have her marry Mortimer Goth, but they didn't really have a spark or anything, so I dropped that idea.

The Dreamers, I decided, need to not live poorly, so I decided that Darren can't fulfill his dream of being a painter, and he got a job in the Education career track. Darren invited Cassandra Goth over and asked her to move in. When I tried to propose to her, I remembered that she's engaged to Don Lothario. Something had to be done about that.

I don't like playing Don anyway, and Daniel is basically the same guy anyway, so through the use of boolprop, Don died by flies. After Death turned him into an urn, Death hung around and watched TV for a little while, then left. I plan on moving Daniel into the house that Don previously occupied. I'm hoping the angry spirit of Don will somehow reform Daniel and make him change his ways. Maybe? Who knows.

After the death of Don, I returned to the Dreamer residence, and Darren proposed to Cassandra while they were both in their underwear. ;-)

That's when I realized it was almost 3am and I needed to get to bed. So I saved and shut down.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blog.. what?!

How come so many blogs I see online are just random pictures people find and they write one or two sentences about them, and some how they are considered a popular and amazing blog? I really just don't understand it. Where are the blogs where people actually spend time thinking about what they want to write and writing intelligently about it. I really wouldn't mind reading more blogs like that, but all the "notable" ones on this website are simply pictures with a couple of words.

So what does this mean? Do bloggers really have short attention spans that they can't focus on reading something for too long? Is that why we need pictures to look at?

Now, I will admit that I enjoy looking at pictures as much as the next person, but I still don't understand how that's considered good blogging! Would people actually start reading mine if I threw in some picture I found online and wrote: "Today I looked at the sun." Would I have the most popular blog on the internet?

For the sake of my sanity, I hope not.

Maybe there's some other server out there that has blogs worth reading. Even journal type blogs aren't that bad, I just don't agree. I'd rather have my personal life that I display on the internet (like that one commercial) be limited to the people in my friends list only. That way not everyone can read it.

Anyway, maybe I'm overreacting but whatever. Bloggers, let's write something intelligent.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Internet Back When

I'm not really inspired to write in this blog at the moment, or to write anything for that matter. That is a bad thing, because I'm in a creative writing English class right now. My story is due on Wednesday, and I hate it. But I hate all my stories I write. I don't really know why. I just feel as if I could do much better. Plus I have a lot of problems with plot and character development.

However, I have another hour until my class starts, and it's too hot outside to remain out there, so I'm sitting here in the computer lab, trying to amuse myself with the internet.

Back when I was younger, the internet was so much more interesting. There was lots of stuff to do, and chat rooms were free. I admit I spent a lot of time hanging out in chat rooms. I was only about 13 or 14 at the time, so I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Nowadays, I get online, and go through my usual routine of checking the various websites I subscribe to, such as facebook, gmail, hotmail, my university's email, myspace, and the web comic that I like to read from time to time. Come to think of it, I forgot to check facebook.

So someone just walked by me and in the creepiest voice ever (he was talking on the phone) said, "What have you been up to lately?"

So this is really, really pointless, and I apologize. Hopefully sometime soon I'll have an intelligent thought to write in here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just a Thought

Around 1 am, I was watching a show on the history channel called "The Universe" and they were talking about the sun.

I had a thought while being attacked with insomnia.

What if the sun exploded, and the only thing that survived was the PLANET Pluto?

I'd laugh.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spiderman 3 Goes Emo *Spoilers*

Yeah, it's been a month, I know. But I've been busy with work and getting home and attempting to unpack all my stuff. I did, however, make progress today. Go me! I found my carpet.

ANYway, I saw Spiderman 3 the day it came out. Not at midnight, but at 8pm. First of all, conditions were terrible. I love my movie theatre in Brighton, but there were far too many children there that night. Plus, I didn't get to sit in the back row, center, with my feet on the seat. I am being slightly sarcastic.

Anyway, I'm not going to go into extensive detail about the movie, mostly because I don't want to relive it.

It wasn't THAT bad. The graphics did give the movie some redemption. The Sandman was awesome. His transformation was one of my favorite parts of the movie.

However, the worst part of the movie was right after Peter gets consumed by that black shit. When he realizes he's evil and he looks in the mirror, he did the dumbest thing ever. He forcefully pulled his bangs in front of his face, giving himself that "emo" look.

My date and I burst out laughing.

**I would also like to interject here that we made a facebook reference during the movie. Someone asked Peter how his relationship with Harry was, and Peter said "It's complicated." Our response: "Like on facebook."

Anyway, so we laughed during that part. The next worst scene was when he bought the suit and danced down the street like a douche bag, pointing at girls and snapping. Then there was the completely ridiculous scene in the cafe with the piano. I couldn't contain myself, and I laughed through that whole scene as well.

After his display as a complete douche, he then sits on a church spire, in the rain. And later, huddled in the corner of his apartment.

Thank god he comes to his senses and comes back to the real world.

When the movie (thankfully) ended, I thought about it, and realized how much the "emo" "culture" has an effect on the rest of the world. The made their presence in a movie. I fear to think of what's going to happen in movies to come. Is Jack Sparrow going to suddenly start listening to Fall Out Boy? Let's hope not.

That's all I have to say on this matter.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virgina Tech

I just finished reading an article about the Virgina Tech Shooting. I feel sick to my stomach.

The article went into detail about the shooting, and the sounds of the gun being fired over and over again, killing and wounding innocent students.

My heart goes out to the students, teachers and family members of those killed or wounded by the shooter.

I just couldn't believe it when I read the article. My mom had sent me an e-mail saying that a gunman killed a bunch of people there, but it didn't fully dawn on me until I read that article I have linked above.

I feel angry at the guy who brought the gun into the dorm building. How could he stand there and just shoot a bunch of innocent people, with an "eerily calm expression on his face?" Why would he do that? I'm sure there's some reason inside his mind for doing it, but no one will know, because the coward shot himself in the head.

This is another one of those incidents that will go down in history, like the Columbine shooting. Where some kid goes and shoots a bunch of his peers.

Someone must really have something wrong with them if they can actually shoot someone. I'm not just talking about this time, but every time someone wields a gun and fires it at a human being. A living, breathing human, with a family, a history, goals, aspirations, wants and needs. Someone who is just like everyone else. How can one not feel remorse for killing someone.

I don't think people have taken the time to think about death. It's the ultimate end. It's irreversible. Once some one's heart stops, they're gone forever. So many of the people killed are killed young, before they ever hit their prime, before they could make a difference in the world in their own small way. Children lose parents, people lose siblings, husbands lose wives and wives lose husbands.

This incident has opened my eyes to how cruel some people are, that they can go in and shoot someone. No wonder this world has so many problems. We all want to kill each other. Why?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Looking Back

I can't believe how quickly my first year of college went. I still have a week and a half left, but its basically over now.

At the beginning of the year, I really hated college. I missed my family and my high school friends, and I didn't like being two hours away from home.

I was really "depressed" at the beginning of the year. I felt like I didn't have many friends, and I spent a lot of time in my room with my roommate.

However, my life changed when my friend Sara from down the hall told me about this group she joined called Drive Safe Kalamazoo. It's a safe ride program run entriely by students.

Anyway, I joined it, and a few weeks into it, I was already friends with several people in the group, including a few members on the exec board. After Christmas break, I threw myself into DSK, and I volunteered almost every weekend, and sometimes twice a weekend. Then I applied to be on exec board for next year, and I got Co Director of Recruitment, Retention and Recognition.

When I got to know the other people in DSK, I finally felt like I had found a place where I belonged. Not to mention a lot of the people in DSK like country music! People talked to me, I talked to other people, and one of the things that made me most happy was that people knew my name. I always have more respect for people who manage to remember my name.

There are a few things about this year that I wish I could change, but that's not possible, and like goes on. But I'm glad that things got better as the year went on, and I'm actually enjoying my time here. Next year will be even more amazing.

I've learned a lot this year, and I think I have changed a little bit as a person, but not in a bad way.

Not to mention, the sun is shining today and the snow is melting!!

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Americans Kind of Suck

This topic is something I'm rather passionate about. And that is Gay Rights, and their ability to be married, or at least Legally Joined.

I read a news article in my school's newspaper today about a bill that was passed by the Washington State Legislature that gives homosexual couples the right to "visit a partner in the hospital, inherit the partner's property without a will and make funeral arrangements, among other things."

I whole heartily support this decision. This is a very important, while small, step for homosexuals in America.

What really bothered me about this article was the quotes from those who opposed the bill. Republican John Ahren said "There's no question about it, this is a bad, bad bill. This is really a sad day."

What I want to know is, why? Why are so many people against gay marriage? Why do people think this is such a horrible thing?

I understand that the Constitution of the United States states that marriage is between a man and a woman, but this was written by the same kind of people who used to kill women because they thought they were witches, and who enslaved people just because they were of a different color and spoke a different language.

The point I wish I could make to everyone is that if two guys or two girls want to get married, then it does not effect their life in any way. If you see two guys shopping together, holding hands even, then does your life get effected? No. If you see two women kissing, is your life changed for the worse? No. Besides, some perverted men ENJOY seeing two girls make out, so what's the problem? Geez.

Sure, if a man and a man are married, they won't have to buy tampons. Big deal. And if a woman and a woman get married, they won't have to buy condoms. Big deal.

A man and a woman are two people, a man and a man are two people, and a woman and a woman are two people. Two people make up a marriage. I fail to see the difference between same sex and different sexes. The only difference is the penis and the vagina.

If I could hear a good, well supported argument for why they shouldn't be married, maybe I'll reconsider my opinions. But no one will be able to make one up. They will use their own biased as factual evidence.

"Well it's not natural." Neither is incest in, but no one says anything. There's no law against that.

And with the amount of homeless children in the world, if same sex couples were able to adopt, then those children would have homes. Sure their lifestyle might be a little different, but I don't think children would grow up to be any worse if they had two moms or two dads. It would almost be the same as a child growing up in a single parent household, without the influence of one of the partners.

So come on America. Let's stop being selfish and let them get married.

I'm not done with this topic, by the way. There will be more to come about this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

[expletive] SNOW!

I really should write more in here.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to my phone ringing. It was a friend of mine who is in the same 9:00 am class as me. She asked if I was going to class today. I said I was, and asked why.

"Have you looked outside yet?"


"Look outside."

So I climbed out of bed and looked out the window. I could barely see up the hill beside my dorm because it was snowing so much. I laid back in bed and said I'd try to get to class.

I walked to class in tennis shoes, because I left my snow boots at home thinking I wouldn't need them anymore this year. Why is it snowing in April?

If someone doesn't tell me why the weather is acting like this, I'm going to start making up my own crazy theories and posting them all over the Internet. Actually, I have a few right now.

1. Aliens have created a sophisticated weather control device, and they're slowly trying to destroy the planet Earth, or at least trying to make every human go insane. I suppose this is their idea of entertainment.

2. Mother Nature is REALLY pissed off.

3. Eventually, within the next couple of years, maybe a decade or so, July will be winter and December will be summer. Of course, the sooner this happens, the faster I will adjust. Because honestly, I'm not gonna complain if I never have to walk through a blizzard to class ever again.

Anyway, those are my theories.

And to make matters worse, my professor at 9:00 am this morning was playing Christmas music when I walked in. Of course, I left behind my ipod, so I had to listen to it.

However, there is, in fact, nothing I can do about this current weather situation, so I suppose I'll just "slosh" my way to class everyday until this melts, and we have to go through the "winter to spring transition" again. ... yay...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cars: More Than Just a Kids' Movie

First of all, I adore the Disney/Pixar movie Cars.

For those who have not seen it, here's a brief summary.

And now for the reason I'm writing this blog...

The Disney/Pixar movie Cars is more than just a kids' movie. It's a message to the people of America. That message: We need to slow down and look at all those things we bypass. Basically, "stop and smell the roses."

The main character, Lightning McQueen, is a race car who's only thoughts are about winning, and about speed. In the beginning of the movie he is selfish and his thoughts are about ditching those "rusty cars" who are his sponsors and moving up to a more prestigious sponsor.

McQueen is lost on the highway and finds himself on Route 66 on the way to California. He finds himself in a little "hick town" called Radiator Springs, a city on Route 66 that was lost when the interstate was built, bypassing the city. Because McQueen destroys the road, his punishment is to fix the road before he can leave and be on his way to California.

McQueen soon realizes that in this little town in the middle of the no where, things aren't as fast paced as they are in the city. One of the most important moments of the movie is when the love interest, Sally, asks him to "go for a drive." When McQueen asks where, she simply replies that she doesn't. It is at this point in the movie that McQueen realizes all that he's missing because he lives life so fast, he forgets to slow down and look around him.

Of course, the movie has a happy ending, with McQueen bringing business back to Radiator Springs and putting the city back on the map, but that's beside the point.

I know we all can attest to the fact that we live our lives way too fast. It's almost as if we're trying to get death to come for us sooner. There are people with their cell phone glued to their ear, while driving, while pulling on pants or fixing their make-up. Sometimes I wonder, when I see those people, what would happen to them if they just sat around for an afternoon, not doing anything of importance, and leaving their cell phone off and locked in a cupboard. I think their head would explode.

I remember what it was like when no one had a cell phone, the Internet was still a baby project and wasn't the vast information overload it is now, and parents didn't keep their kids on a leash (literally). If someone had to get a hold of you, they called your house, and left a message, and you would call them back upon returning home. They weren't able to call you while you were in the movies, or spending time with your family or in a restaurant.

People didn't used to walk so hurridly they looked like they would fall over if they tripped over the slightest crack in the sidewalk. I have reason to believe people were more polite, and has stress levels under what people have now.

I almost pine for those days, though I may have caught the tail end of them. I guess what I'm trying to say is: we should all slow down every once in a while, and see those things we bypass every single day while talking on our cell phone or driving 2o miles over the speed limit on the expressway. Where ever you're trying to get to in such a hurry probably isn't that important, and the world is not going to end if you don't speed.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cell Phone Etiquette

I don't really like cell phones, even though mine is attached to me like a third year. I don't use it that much, though. But some people abuse cell phones. If I could write the rules for Cell Phone Etiquette, it would go something like this:

1. Never, under any circumstances, answer your phone during a movie in a public place. Or a meeting. Turn it off, silent or vibrate.

2. If you are on a date with someone, don't answer your phone, or text.

3. Turn off your phone during class. I hate hearing people's phones go off in the middle of class.

4. Don't try to use sarcasm via text message.

5. Don't ask out/break up with someone via text message.

6. If you're in a loud place, don't bother answering your phone. It's only annoying for you and the person calling you.

7. If you're hanging out with somene, don't have a 10 minute or longer conversation with someone on the phone. Also, don't call someone else while hanging out with someone else.

8. If with a group, excuse yourself if you must answer your phone. No one wants to hear your conversation.

9. Turn the volume down on your phone. If everyone can hear the person on the other line as clearly as if they were standing right there, it's too loud.

10. Choose your ring tone wisely.

11. Ring back tones are probably one of the most annoying features of a cell phone ever. Don't use them. Don't pay for them.

12. Just incase you forgot, don't answer your phone in the movie theatre. Ever. There is absolutly no reason to answer your phone.

13. If calling someone, pay attention to when the other person answers. Don't carry on a conversation with someone else while waiting for the call-ee to pick up their phone.

14. Leave a voicemail.

15. Listen to the voicemail before calling the person back.

16. If you call someone and they don't answer and you don't leave a voice mail, wait a few minutes before trying to call again. They might have just missed the call and are calling you back right now.

17. Learn how to use the call waiting feature on your phone, mostly for when you're leaving a voicemail for someone, and they are calling you back.

18. Call waiting forces you to choose between two people. Guess who's going to feel less important once you switch over to the other line.

19. Pay attention to people when you're talking to them on the phone. There's nothing more annoying than hearing "What? Can you say that again?"

20. Hang up when using a public service type thing, like ordering food at a resturant or whatever.

21. Get off the phone while driving.

That's all I really wanna complain about right now. heh. Yes, most of these are pet peeves, but I'm sure I'm not alone in most of these.

Cell Phones are annoying.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I'm not very good at updating this regularly. Oh well.

In my Broadcast Operations class, we watched a docudrama/documentary called "An Inconvenient Truth." It's a film adaptation of Al Gore's book of the same name. The message the film was trying to make is that Global Warming is indeed a problem and it needs to be fixed, or the consequences could be devastating.

I'll admit right now that I did not watch the entire movie. I had somewhere to be and couldn't stick around in class to watch it all, but I got the gist of it.

Gore explained that global warming is indeed a natural process. It happens every year in fact. It starts with the sun's rays shining onto Earth. Some of the UV rays bounce off the atmosphere, some enter the atmosphere and bounce out, and some get stuck under the atmosphere. But that's ok. It's normal. The next level of Global Warming is the trees. Every summer, the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are lower because of the leaves on the trees in taking CO2 and changing it to oxygen through photosynthesis. Then in the winter, the leaves die, and they release all the CO2 they've been holding, and it goes into the atmosphere. Therefore, the CO2 levels rise in the atmosphere.

He showed a lot of charts of the progression of global warming throughout the years, and it has remained relatively stable. However, in more recent years, the CO2 levels have been increased to an unnatural level. This is causing more of the sun's UV rays to get stuck inside of the Earth's atmosphere, which is causing the Earth to heat up. He showed pictures of glaciers from a few years ago, and now, to show how much they've receded in the last few years. It's insane. He also showed a lake, which used to be one of Earth's largest lakes, that is now dried up to almost nothing.

When I presented this information to my brother (who doesn't believe that Global Warming is a problem) he scoffed at it and expression no concern for the melting of the glaciers. He also stated that there's nothing we can do about it, even if it is a problem. My dad then interjected that because the glaciers are melting, water levels in other lakes and the oceans are going to rise, so the cities all along coast lines are going to have to come up with some way to defend themselves when the levels rise.

In addition to the levels rising, I'm sure we can't ignore the fact that we experienced record numbers of hurricanes this last year, in addition to losing (in my opinion) one of the greatest cities in America because of a hurricane. Who knows what could happen this next summer if the temperatures of Earth are rising, and we have even more of this tropical storms. That's something I don't think we can say for sure will happen.

After watching "An Inconvenient Truth" I briefly considered changing my major, but then thought better of it. I would do terrible at it anyway. Instead, I'll stay with my film/journalism major, and help the environmental science majors spread the message across our country and others about what we're doing to our planet.

With a new found respect for the planet, I really hope we can fix this problem so we don't screw over all the generations of humans ahead of us. Contrary to what George Orwell thought would happen (the complete domination of the government), I believe that before that happens, the Earth is going to have to compromise with Mother Nature. She's truly a force to be reckoned with, much more dangerous than any government.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thank the Generic Ethereal Being!

As a Michigander, I am entitled to be excited about above 40 degree weather. I was throughly excited to leader my dorm today and find that a lot of the snow around campus is melting. Sure it's exposing all the ugly, dirty snow and there's slush everywhere, but the end result is worth the wait.

Its interesting how just a few days of "warm" weather can make people feel less stressed and feel a little bit happier. At least, that's how it works for me. After this bitterly cold winter, with the blizzards and sub zero temperatures, 40-some degrees feels wonderful, and today has been a pretty cheery day. Although, the blizzards did give us a convient snow day the day after the Super Bowl.

Anyway, I'm really glad it's finally transisting into spring, because that means we'll all be able to shed the heavy winter clothes, boots, gloves, scarves and coats. Just knowing I won't have to jumble around my heavy winter coat in the lecture halls is exciting. I brought out my spring jacket for the first time this year, and I even opened the window because my room was too warm. Of course, then it got too cold, but that's beside the point.

Another thing that the coming of spring means is Spring Break.. which is in a week and a half, and also the end of this semester, after which I'll be able to move back home for a few months of summer bliss.

So, bless the sun and it's brilliant rays of light, defeating the vicious snow and making it run down the hills on Western's campus, and huzzah for Spring Break.. in a week and a half!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hairspray 2007

A few minutes ago, I used to look at the castings for the movie Hairspray, set to be in theatres in July of this year.

I've never heard of the girl playing Tracy, and since Hairspray is the only thing listed on her profile on IMDB, I'm assuming this is her breakout movie. Let's just hope she can do it.

An interesting casting is John Travolta playing the part of Tracy's mother, the over weight, gruff voiced woman who forgot about her dreams and has spend the last several years of her life washing other people's clothes. I was looking at stills from the movie, and it's obvious they beefed him up with computers. It looks a little TOO fake for me, but we'll see when the movie actually comes out.

Michelle Pfeiffer is set to play Mrs. Vantussel. I don't have much to comment on that, except that I hope she can sing.

Zac Efron is set to play Link, the teenage heart throb for Tracy, and they fall in love, blah blah blah. Apparently, this kid was in High School Musical, which I saw, and failed to see its appeal. So we'll have to wait and see on that one.

One person I am excited about is Queen Latifa playing the part of Seaweed's mom. Queen Latifa is a powerful singer and she's just amazing... my reference being her performance in the movie version of Chicago.

And so I am brought to the final comment I have about the casting for this movie.

Amanda Bynes, set to play the part of Penny. When I was younger, much younger, I used to enjoy her show on Nickelodeon. As I grew up, she seemed to be more annoying, joining the leagues of teenage actresses like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. I've read that she isn't a part girl, so she's a "role model," but that doesn't mean she's a good actress. She seems to play the same character in all of her movies, and her "personality" (whether its her real personality or her on screen personality) always comes through the character, and is always the same. I guess I could see her playing the part of Penny, but that brings me to my final question...

Can Amanda Bynes sing? And well?

Penny is a great character in the story of Hairspray, and her singing should be powerful, and show her personality.

I'll have to wait until July to find out how these faces play together in this movie. I haven't seen the 1988 version of the movie, but I have seen the stage production, which was amazing by the way. I really hope they can pull it off and make a great movie. Then maybe Amanda Bynes can redeem herself in my mind.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thanks for Wasting Time

Someone in my English class inspired me to write in here today. Its a female, and I'm not sure what year of college she's in. I would guess between freshman and junior. She has those glasses that darken when she's in the sun, so when I see her everyday as I walk to my seat, I think about how they just don't look good on her. Maybe on someone else, but not her.

Now... I'm not trying to be mean...

Oh wait. Maybe I am.

Anyway, she's one of those people. I know there's several different definitions of those people, and I'm about to explain her's.

She like to express her opinion, a lot. More than anyone else in my class cares to hear. She's way too overly friendly, especially at 10 in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I believe everyone should have an opinion about at least ONE thing, and should express it in a healthy way, as well as appropriate, but don't press this opinions on other people.

My example for this is when my professor was lecturing about the old world religions, such as paganism. She was comparing aspects of paganism to protestants. This, of course, angered the girl in my class. She rose her hand and started to question just about everything the professor was saying. She'd also say things like "Well... protestants don't really do that.. that's mostly CATHOLICS." I really wanted to turn around and tell her to shut her mouth, but I resisted. Anyway, so this went on for a while, and you could tell the professor was getting annoyed. I was, too.

When she finally closed her mouth, another girl raised her hand. She turned to look at the girl, and she said, "I grew up catholic, and switched to protestant. I really don't think you should be talking about other religions, especially when you haven't studied them." I wanted to yell "THANK YOU." to her, but again, I resisted.

Today, she was apparently talking to the TAs about something... I believe it was the Critical Theories about folk tales or something like that. The TAs mentioned what the girl had said, and I just shook my head. Because of course, this girl knows WAY more than graduate students. Obviously.

Yeah right.

Later on in class, the girl was talking to the guy next to her about something completely unrelated to what we were lecturing about. I glanced over and saw a girl across the room glaring at the girl. She then said, loud enough for me to hear, "shut up!" The girl was obviously being a distraction, because you could hear her over the TA who was lecturing. Apparently she didn't get the hint that we were resuming lecture.

I think she would be what I like to call "socially challenged." There's many traits that can qualilfy people to be put in this group, and her insessant talking and loud proclamation of her opinions gets her put in there without question.

That's my little rant.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

I was doing some reading for my English class in a book called "The Classic Fairy Tales." The introduction talks about the uses of fairy tales, and how they've changed over the years. It also talks about the different opinions about the female characters in the stories, with quotes by feminists and other people.

The fairy tale I was supposed to read was about Little Red Riding Hood. There were several versions of the story in that chapter. I've decided to share it with you all.

The Little Girl and the Wolf
-As told by James Thurber

One afternoon a big wolf waited in a dark forest for a little girl to come along carrying a basket of food to her grandmother. Finally a little girl did some along and she was carrying a basket of food. "Are you carrying that basket to your grandmother?" asked the wolf. The little girl said yes, she was. So the wolf asked her where her grandmother lived and the little girl told him and he disappeared into the wood.

When the little girl opened the door of her grandmother's house she saw that there was somebody in bed with a nightcap and nightgown on. She had approached no nearer than twenty-five feet from the bed when she saw that it was not her grandmother by the wolf, for even in a nightcap a wolf does not look any more like your grandmother than the Metro-Goldwyn lion looks like Calvin Coolidge. So the little girl took an automatic out of her basket and shot the wolf dead.
Moral: It is not so easy to fool little girls nowadays as it used to be.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Metaphorical Waffle Maker

Being blonde, I believe that we're all entitled to having at least a few "blonde moments" in our life time.

One of mine occurred not too long ago. It was Saturday morning, and my roommate and I walked to the cafeteria that was near our dorm. I kind of have a craving for waffles that morning. The caf has two waffle irons that you pour the batter in, close it and turn it. Then a timer starts and you wait patiently while your waffle is cooked.

That morning, one of the waffle makers opened up, so I went on over to it and grabbed the container of yellow liquid. In my defense, nothing was labeled. I know, it's not a very good defense. I've made waffles before.

Anyway, I started to pour the yellow liquid into the waffle maker, and something didn't really seem right. It was thinner than I thought waffle batter should be. My roommate stood next to me and said, "Uh, I think that's butter." I stopped pouring and suddenly realized my grave error.

I poured butter into the waffle iron. Again, in my defense, why was there a pourable container full of melted butter just sitting on the table? Still, not a good defense, but I have to save at least a little shred of dignity.

The workers in the cafeteria came over and started laughing. I apologized profusely. I really did feel bad, because now they had to clean up my stupid error. I said to one of the workers, "I feel really bad! And I feel kinda stupid..."

His response: "Well, I can help you with the first one, but there's not much I can do about the second." I looked up at him and he was laughing. So in shame, I grabbed a bowl of cereal instead and sat down in my chair on the other side of the caf.

I felt like I should probably never go near the waffle makers ever again. I expressed this concern out loud, and my roommate reasoned that I would never do it again because now I knew which was batter and which was butter. I didn't feel convinced however, and still thought I shouldn't use the waffle maker any more.

(Here's where you can laugh at me to your heart's desire.)

I was telling my friend this story on AIM, and she turned it into a metaphor and gave me some advice.

She said that just because I had one bad experience with the waffle maker didn't mean that I should never make waffles ever again. I would be denying myself something that I truly enjoy. She suggested that next time I have breakfast in that caf, I should make waffles, and do it right, thus conquering my fear of the waffle maker.

So maybe I will. Next weekend when I have to get breakfast from the caf, I'll make a waffle, and I won't screw it up this time.

That's all for now.

PS If you can't figure out the metaphor.. well.. I'm sorry for you.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Late Night Contemplations

I was talking about this with a friend, and she told me to put it in here.

Last night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, without much success. It was one of those nights were tons of random thoughts are flying around in your mind and you can't turn them off. Here's my train of thought, which brought about my thoughts about death.

My roommate was watching 'Sex in the City.' The main character, Cari, is a writer for a newspaper. She was writing about something, and the line was "I think the last time anyone enjoyed the 69 position was in 1969."

This line was kinda hanging out in my head so I thought, "Will I be alive in 2069?" I'm bad at math, so yes I had to think about it. And I determined that I would be in my late 70s or early 80s. Then I began to think about what it would be like to be 80 years old, looking back on my life. At this point in my life, I can't even imagine being that old. I'm only 18, and that's not until 70 some years in the future. I have no idea how my life will turn out. Will I have kids? Will I be married? Will I have grandchildren? All these thoughts that no one can really know the answer to at this point in their life.

Then I began to think about life in general. I thought about how people can look at situations after they happen and analyze them. They can replay them over and over in their minds. That's why people think that the human brain is so fascinating. As humans, we have the ability to think about thinking.

I don't really know how to describe this. Each of us have our own worlds. We know the people around us, and we're conscious of some of the things happening around us, in the generalist sense. But I don't think any of us think about how much is really going on at one moment in time. I'm using a college campus as my reference. There are so many people on a college campus, going on with their lives not aware of what else is going on. But there are tons of college campuses, high schools, businesses etc. Its a little overwhelming trying to think about how much is really going on. But it's remarkable that we even have the capability to think about that.

Which brought me to think about death. I'm not a religious person. I don't know what can happen after we die. It scares me a little bit.

We can think back on situations after they happens. But that can't happen after we die. It's not scientifically proven that humans have souls. So does everything just stop? Does everything just go black? But we can't dwell on the darkness because our minds probably stop working once our hearts stop beating. I know this is a tad bit morbid. But its just what I was thinking about. I've believed in reincarnation for a few years now, but still, no one really knows what happens.

Anyway, I've lost my words I had on this subject, so I'll just close it with this:

We shouldn't fear death. Especially since we don't know what happens after we die. That's why we should make the most of our time here. I may be somewhat of a hypocrite for saying that, but I believe it's true.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Snow Day

I think all of Kalamazoo County was closed due to weather conditions today. Of course, I didn't find out Western Michigan University was closed until 8:30 this morning, in which I had to call a friend to find out. I wasn't even in my dorm room, I was at a friend's apartment, sleeping on the floor with six other people.

Of course, once we found out we had a snow day, none of us could get back to sleep since we got about four hours of sleep.

Ok, I really don't have a point in writing this.

-- -- -- -- --

I'm in the process of writing a satirical and modernized version of Cinderella. I was doing my reading for my English class, and it sort of inspired me to write that.

I also have a random interest in satires... currently.

Anyway, there ya go. I'll hopefully get it up soon. Depends on how soon and how quickly I write it.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


So one would think that on a day when it's snowing so much that you can no longer discern the road from the sidewalk, would be a perfect day to get some major homework done for class.

Or not.

I have not done one productive thing today, save for showering, which is an accomplishment.

So far, my roommate and I have watched:

"A Knight's Tale"
"10 Things I Hate About You"
"Father of the Bride"

And later on, starting at 8, "Legally Blonde" is on, which I have to watch... because I like that movie a lot. I do have quite a bit of reading to get done, and with the Superbowl on tomorrow, I most likely won't have time to do it then. And since my roommate finally turned off the TV at the start of "Father of the Bride Part II," I thought it would be a good idea to write about how much I procrastinate, rather than actually do something productive.

-- -- -- --

The Marriam-Webster and Garfield dictionary defines procrastination as thus:

procrastinate: to put off usu. habitually doing something that should be done; dawdle; delay

So, to really be considered a procrastinator, you have to constantly be putting off homework, chores, work etc. That would make being a procrastinator more of a condition, like being an alcoholic or a smoker.

I ask: Can one be addicted to procrastinating?

This is a hard question for me to answer, because I've always been one to feel guilty if I put off, or don't do all together, a homework assignment or project. But could someone actually get pleasure out of not doing their homework, and to become a chronic "not-doing-homework-er"? Perhaps those kids in high school who never did their homework were chronic procrastinators. Instead of simply not wanting to do it, they put it off so much that they walked into class the next time without anything to turn in.

I suppose this is possible.

As much as I would like to ramble about this subject some more, I truly feel like I should do something productive this evening... before "Legally Blonde" is on.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Silly Wand Waving

I was in my english class today and we were talking about The Triple Goddesses in mythology. This topic lead to a discussion about paganism, witchcraft, and how its changed and been thought of throughout history. The things my professor told us that were "upsetting" to the American people made me angry, so I had to find a place to voice my opinion.

One of the things my professor mentioned was Harry Potter, and how it upsets people because it deals with "witchcraft." I wondered, "Why do people get so upset about a book?" But I guess that's been a question that has been ignored throughout history, what with all the bookburning that has gone on. But why Harry Potter? Because he uses a wand to make things appear, change and to cast spells?

Well, guess what suburban, over-protective mom: No matter how much your kid waves that stick around, he's not going to cast any spells.

Harry Potter is a fantasy book that falls in the category of fiction. Now I'd like to point out:

fiction as defined by The Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary is

1. something (as a story) invented by the imagination 2. fictitious literature (as novels)

Sure there may be some elements in Harry Potter that can be applied to real life, such as bullies, relationships, dislike of teachers and the importance of keeping up on school work, but the business of magic is not meant to be applied to real life. Again I say, waving a sick around isn't going to cast any spells.

"But there's evil in Harry Potter... you know, the Dark Lord Voldemort..."

As there is the concept of evil in every single fantasy book you could ever pick up randomly off a shelf. I admit that Harry Potter may not be sutable for children of a certain age, but that's where parenting comes in. If your kid is too young for video games rated "T for Teens" then wait a few years before handing over Harry Potter, when your kid will understand the difference between good and evil, and understands that fantasy isn't real.

As much as the parents of America may complain about Harry Potter, the amount of people who actually enjoy J.K.Rowlings books equal or are greater than the number of people who dislike them. As for schools banning them, well it's their loss.

I may continue this rant in the future, but for now, this should suffice.