Monday, February 5, 2007

Snow Day

I think all of Kalamazoo County was closed due to weather conditions today. Of course, I didn't find out Western Michigan University was closed until 8:30 this morning, in which I had to call a friend to find out. I wasn't even in my dorm room, I was at a friend's apartment, sleeping on the floor with six other people.

Of course, once we found out we had a snow day, none of us could get back to sleep since we got about four hours of sleep.

Ok, I really don't have a point in writing this.

-- -- -- -- --

I'm in the process of writing a satirical and modernized version of Cinderella. I was doing my reading for my English class, and it sort of inspired me to write that.

I also have a random interest in satires... currently.

Anyway, there ya go. I'll hopefully get it up soon. Depends on how soon and how quickly I write it.