Friday, January 25, 2008

We're all a little bit crazy

A sudden realization came upon me today while I was driving to my boyfriend's. I was listening to a local country station and the DJ said something about how people at work today are just starting to now care anymore because it's Friday, and it's finally the weekend.

Americans... and people all over the world, are masochists!

Well, maybe not really the deal of getting sexual gratification from it, but still.

People force themselves to work 5-6... even 7 days a week, getting anywhere between 10-60+ hours a week. People who have a M-F 9-5 job only give themselves two days off... what we call "the weekend." Typically, the weekend is a time to relax, but since no one has the energy during the week to do regular household chores, homework, kids etc, people have to basically play catch up on the weekend, thus not actually relaxing.

Now just look at what people wear. Women... we hear high heels. Why? I don't know. To make ourselves look taller to compete with men? Maybe. And a quote I read somewhere, "If men rule the world, why do they wake up every morning and put a miniature noose around their neck."

It seems like a lot of things we do are really unnecessary, or at least stupid. Like traffic jams. If the road keeps going, how can a highway be at a stand still? It seems like someone would have to just stop in the middle of the road. I can understand why people would get pissed off sitting in a traffic jam, but yelling and honking a car horn does not make the cars more faster. I'm of the belief that if everyone in a traffic jam listened to Martina McBride and Kelly Clarkson, people wouldn't be so angry.

Maybe someday people won't be so angry and crave that anger, but I doubt it.

Ah well.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Book Buying Evils

First, I'd like to begin with the word of the weekend from my day-by-day calender courtesy of a good friend.

gipsying-party: a party who meet to frolic in the open air

-- -- --

I like to compare buying books for college classes to selling your soul. Usually when one goes shopping and buys something and feels accomplished, one leaves the store feeling good about themselves. However, after buying the books I need for this semesters classes, I felt sick and annoyed. Those books cost so much money, and most of the time, they are either hardly used or the owner doesn't really even bother with them.

One of my books cost $109. It's for Intro to TV Studio Production. But I believe the cost of this book will be my motivation to read that book and learn it and get the most out of it for this semester. And I love the professor that I have for that class, so I'm putting my faith in him that this is a good choice for a book.

The other frustrating thing other than the cost of books is the process of buying them. Today was a horrible day to go stand between rows and rows of books and other flustered college kids. It's been raining, though I see the clouds breaking a little right now, and it's humid. Michiganders are used to humid weather, but that doesn't mean we aren't miserable when it is humid. Of course, the best part of that is it's January and there's little snow on the ground. We have April weather right now. So as long as you don't move much, it feels wonderful.

Anyway, the bookstore, which is more like a warehouse in the basement of the student center, was hot, humid, crowded and loud. It was so hard to find the books I needed, and I couldn't find help when I needed it. I stood there, looking up at the books I needed which were on the very top shelf, and well out of my reach, for about five minutes before I finally just pushed a ladder in front of the shelf and got them myself.

By the time I finally left, I felt like I needed to take another shower.

Not to mention, I had a long walk back to my car, carrying a bag of library books, and two bags full of purchased books. Want to know the worst of it?

I don't even have all the ones I need. The books for one of my classes were all gone.

This is a depressing day.