Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thanks for Wasting Time

Someone in my English class inspired me to write in here today. Its a female, and I'm not sure what year of college she's in. I would guess between freshman and junior. She has those glasses that darken when she's in the sun, so when I see her everyday as I walk to my seat, I think about how they just don't look good on her. Maybe on someone else, but not her.

Now... I'm not trying to be mean...

Oh wait. Maybe I am.

Anyway, she's one of those people. I know there's several different definitions of those people, and I'm about to explain her's.

She like to express her opinion, a lot. More than anyone else in my class cares to hear. She's way too overly friendly, especially at 10 in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I believe everyone should have an opinion about at least ONE thing, and should express it in a healthy way, as well as appropriate, but don't press this opinions on other people.

My example for this is when my professor was lecturing about the old world religions, such as paganism. She was comparing aspects of paganism to protestants. This, of course, angered the girl in my class. She rose her hand and started to question just about everything the professor was saying. She'd also say things like "Well... protestants don't really do that.. that's mostly CATHOLICS." I really wanted to turn around and tell her to shut her mouth, but I resisted. Anyway, so this went on for a while, and you could tell the professor was getting annoyed. I was, too.

When she finally closed her mouth, another girl raised her hand. She turned to look at the girl, and she said, "I grew up catholic, and switched to protestant. I really don't think you should be talking about other religions, especially when you haven't studied them." I wanted to yell "THANK YOU." to her, but again, I resisted.

Today, she was apparently talking to the TAs about something... I believe it was the Critical Theories about folk tales or something like that. The TAs mentioned what the girl had said, and I just shook my head. Because of course, this girl knows WAY more than graduate students. Obviously.

Yeah right.

Later on in class, the girl was talking to the guy next to her about something completely unrelated to what we were lecturing about. I glanced over and saw a girl across the room glaring at the girl. She then said, loud enough for me to hear, "shut up!" The girl was obviously being a distraction, because you could hear her over the TA who was lecturing. Apparently she didn't get the hint that we were resuming lecture.

I think she would be what I like to call "socially challenged." There's many traits that can qualilfy people to be put in this group, and her insessant talking and loud proclamation of her opinions gets her put in there without question.

That's my little rant.