Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tavern 131 - Milford, MI

It's been a busy, stressful couple of weeks. Find out some bad news and had to make some different arrangements, and started a new job on Monday.

Moving on...

A while ago, the bar and grill Forza in Milford closed. Not really sure of the circumstances surrounding that, but we heard while at breakfast at Americus that the family who owns that restaurant decided to open their own place in that building as well.

After months of anticipation, I finally drove by and saw cars and an open sign in the window. Mike and I promptly went to check it out.

I have to say that they really classed up the place. I'm pretty sure that they do not have the beer towers like Forza did (Personally, a welcome change). It is still a bar, but it has less of a sports bar atmosphere and more of a "I could dress up if I wanted to" kind of place. The flooring is stone tiles, and the colors are muted, but not drab. The lighting fixtures are pretty cool looking as well. The bar is still in the middle, and from where we sat, there were TVs that we could see, but there was a frosted piece of class blocking the people at the bar. I kind of liked this, because it meant that the bar didn't have to be the central focus of the restaurant.

We went on one of their first days. I don't know the exact day they opened, but it must have been pretty early on. Our waitress was really nervous. But it was to be expected. I can't remember anything on the menu, and to be honest, I can't remember exactly what I had. It was a salad with chicken, dried cherries and candied walnut I believe? Mike got a chicken and pasta dish. Some kind of alfredo?

When I got my salad, there was no chicken, but the waitress promptly went to the kitchen and got a plate of chicken that was supposed to be on the salad. That was pretty much the only flaw, but like I said, they had just opened, with new employees, new cooks and everything. Not a big deal. When we left, we gave the waitress a good tip- we didn't want her to be discouraged early into her job there.

I would recommend everyone check it out. Sometime I will have to check it out at night on the weekend and see what kind of crowd shows up. I'm not sure if they will be having those bar games like trivia, and I kind of doubt that they'll have the water pong tournaments. But I think that's okay.

Enjoy it! The owners have a proven track record of having great places to eat, and I think this will be just another extension of that. The family (whose name I wish I knew) also owns Americus in Milford and the Americus in Brighton on Grand River (near the Shamrock bar if you know the area).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Musing of America

I haven't finished a book in a while. So I'm going to keep all my few people who read this entertained.

I spend too much time on the internet. Before now, when I didn't have a job, I was usually playing video games, watching TV, reading, crocheting... you know.. other random unemployed activities. Now I have a job, which I am happy about, but there is not a lot going on to keep me engaged. I answer the phone and pass calls to the appropriate sales rep. And because tax season just ended, there aren't a lot of calls.

So I spend time on the internet. News websites, reddit, facebook, twitter... Harry Potter fan sites, GoodReads...

Anyway, I learn too much about the world. Prior to all this, I wouldn't watch the news. It was too depressing and annoying. I didn't read the newspaper, and the only time I was on a news website was to look for jobs or search for a story that someone else had told me about. But now I browse, and I believe it is detrimental to my sanity.

The more time I spend watching all these states in the country try to take away rights from others, I just get more and more annoyed. And I wish that I could stand up someplace high and just yell to everyone, "Would you take a second to really THINK?!?!" I know that a lot of people have trouble doing that, though.

The hate for gays, atheists, other religious denominations, blacks, whites, immigrants, etc etc is just becoming too much to bear. And the number of people who just want to force public schools and public places to play host to religious ideas and themes is just... ridiculous.

And I can't figure out if it's because it's an election year. I don't remember any election year before now being SO OVER the top with the crazy. Like the poor women over in Arizona, who, right now, pregnant, whether they are actually pregnant or not. How can something like that fly?

The main and biggest thing that drives me absolutely crazy is that the religious psychos (I know that not everyone who is religious is also a psycho) can't seem to understand the idea that not everyone is like them. Not all of us believe in God. Believing in God is a choice that many people choose not to accept. And there is nothing wrong with that. People need to become more educated about the facts of the country, that not everyone wants to pray in school, and not everyone wants to read the Ten Commandments when they go to school, and not everyone wants to say "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. And we don't have to.

And yet, some of them think that by saying "This can't be because this is a public place" doesn't mean they can't do it on their own. Are some people such mindless sheep that if they want to remind themselves of the Ten Commandments, that they can do it by themselves and not with a whole flock of people? It makes no sense to me.

I usually reserve my rants for my own head, like some people need to do more often, but I feel so full of annoyance that I had to write it down. And my ego wants to make it public.