Monday, October 8, 2007


I enjoy playing the Sims. It's one of my most favorite games of all time.

Anyway, after installing almost all of the expansion packs that I own, I started playing again on my new computer. I like to take the pre-made families and mess around with them. After playing for a few hours, this is what has happened so far in Pleasantview:

I took a guy from the family bin from Pets named Cyd Roseland. I moved him into one of those white houses, like what Don Lothario lives in. Cyd fell in crush with Brandi Broke, who liked him back. Cyd asked Brandi to move in with him. The family moved to a bigger house, the crazy modern one that comes with TS2 with the pointy roof. It reminds me of a house in my neighborhood. Anyway, so they moved in and I decorated and everything. Cyd proposed to Brandi. Brandi's belly got bigger with that pregnancy that she got from her husband who mysteriously disappeared. So I'm waiting for her to give birth to the baby before they get married, because I think that having a wedding while pregnant is trashy. That's where they stand.

Over in the Pleasant family, Daniel cheated on Mary-Sue with Kaylynn (right?) the maid. Anyway, Mary-Sue got pissed and they both dropped into Aspiration Failure. Mary-Sue gave Daniel the business and broke up with him. Daniel got the boot out of the house. The twin girls of course both hate their parents and each other. I wanted Lilith to have a better life and not be so angry, so I decided to get her out of the house.

The Oldie family are the parents of Mary-Sue. The Oldie's moved into a cute little two bedroom house (which I haven't finished decorating yet). Through the use of cheats, because it wouldn't work any other way, I had Lilith Pleasant move in with the Oldies. I'm hoping their influence will make her into a nicer girl, and stop knocking over the trash can.

Back at the Pleasant house, Mary-Sue and Angela are living together, getting on fairly well. Mary-Sue adopted a cat to try to fill that void in her heart. I wanted to have her marry Mortimer Goth, but they didn't really have a spark or anything, so I dropped that idea.

The Dreamers, I decided, need to not live poorly, so I decided that Darren can't fulfill his dream of being a painter, and he got a job in the Education career track. Darren invited Cassandra Goth over and asked her to move in. When I tried to propose to her, I remembered that she's engaged to Don Lothario. Something had to be done about that.

I don't like playing Don anyway, and Daniel is basically the same guy anyway, so through the use of boolprop, Don died by flies. After Death turned him into an urn, Death hung around and watched TV for a little while, then left. I plan on moving Daniel into the house that Don previously occupied. I'm hoping the angry spirit of Don will somehow reform Daniel and make him change his ways. Maybe? Who knows.

After the death of Don, I returned to the Dreamer residence, and Darren proposed to Cassandra while they were both in their underwear. ;-)

That's when I realized it was almost 3am and I needed to get to bed. So I saved and shut down.