Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog Training

I'm dog sitting for my sister this week because they're going out to Oklahoma. They have two dogs. An older dog, a yorkie/shizu mix named Riley and a much younger but fully grown German shepherd, Strider.

Strider has a lot of energy, and it near impossible to take on walks. He pulls on the leash and tries to chase EVerything. It's kind of an endless cycle because he never goes on walks, so he gets excited when he sees something that isn't the back yard, but since he does that, he never gets to go on walks.

So while I'm here by myself for a couple of days, I'm going to try and train him to at least walk a little better. I am not a dog fan, nor have I any experience in training dogs, BUT I got two books from the library on dog training. So we'll see. I also have some chicken that I may use as rewards.

Yesterday I tried to take him out a little bit. We walked back and forth in front of the house for a while. Whenever he pulled on the leash, I would turn and go in the other direction, to show that I was the one controlling where we were going. Of course, it didn't take long to start pulling. Then, after I felt that we were mkaing a little bit of progress, my niece comes running up with Riley, so Strider got all reexcited and I broke my flipflop trying to control him.

I haven't had the energy to try anything today. I did manage to get him to sit before I let him outside. He was being spazzy and jumping on the door, and I didn't let him out until he sat.

We'll see if we can make any progress tonight or tomorrow.