Monday, August 17, 2009

Cartwheels and Urgent Care

I spent a good day with two of my best friends, Gert and Lisa today. We got food at a local restaurant in Brighton called the Yum Yum Tree, and after my chiropractor appointment, we hung out for the day playing scrabble and badminton (yeah, we're classy). Anyway, later on during the day, after trying to decide what to do, we tried to teach Lisa how to do cartwheels.

Unfortunately during the teaching process, Lisa rolled her ankle weirdly and we heard it crack, and she was down. She rolled on the ground a little, holding her ankle. At first, Gert and I thought she was faking, but she wasn't. So we got her some ice and a chair, and quickly decided she needed to go to urgent care. We took her there and got her in. Luckily, she only sprained it, but still. Cartwheeling? I guess there are worse ways to sprain an ankle, but I can't think of any right now.

There was a really rude woman there, who apparently hated her life or something. She was complaining very loudly about having to put a splint on Lisa's ankle.

Now I understand that we got there pretty close to their closing time, but I feel like if you work in the doctor, health sort of career, you should WANT to help people who are hurt or sick. It's what you're supposed to love to do. Now, sure I hated when people would go to jimmy johns right before we were ready to close, but I hated that job and it's NOT what I want to do. I feel that there is indeed a difference. I could be wrong I suppose. Don't know. Either way, Gert and I were offended listening to this woman bitch about these things, and I left the Urgent Care feeling a pretty annoyed.