Saturday, May 15, 2010

Considerations of Bad People

Because I feel like I haven't vented enough to feel okay about this situation, I'm going to do it some more. No one reads this anyone... so here it goes.

My old roommate Maddy and her boyfriend Mike have an abusive relationship. And they're horrible treatment of other people was one of the main reasons I had to move out of my apartment. I couldn't take it. And further, the person who took my room over and one of the other roommates had to move out because they couldn't stand their fighting and their mistreatment of everyone any more either. So they up and moved out without any warning. So the only people left are Maddy, Mike and her sister Hannah.

Maddy is studying psychology, and that's why I'm so confused as to why she doesn't realize that a relationship where they fight all the time and are insanely jealous when one is not with the other, is a terrible, terrible relationship. And to have bruises all over her arms and stuff? I doubt they're from "falling" as she had claimed before.

And worse off, Mike's former girlfriend had a restraining order put against him, because he exhibited stalker tendencies after they broke up. He couldn't let it go. Because he's a psycho that deserves to be in jail.

Maddy and I used to be good friends. We did a lot of things together and hung out a lot. But once she started dating Mike, it was like our friendship fell apart because Mike wouldn't let her even go to the bar. As far as I know, she's never been... because Mike is younger than her and doesn't want her doing ANYTHING without him.

And now they're moving to Boston together. It's so wrong. I really feel that one is going to kill the other at some point.

Since Maddy had defriended me on facebook, I wrote an obnoxious status like "fuck old roommates who hit each other. that's messed up, man." Mike posted on it saying "maybe i like being hit... and it's my own business" or some shit. So I said "I'm sure you do. It's a nice cover for abusing your girlfriend."

So then Maddy, using Mike's facebook, posted on it, saying some crap about how she's the only one who's ever hit anyone, and that she never wanted to have to talk to me about it ever again. And that the people who needed to be talked to have been? I don't even know what she means, because if she's in that much denial about the fucked up nature of this relationship, who the hell did she talk to? One assumption is that she was referring to the matter of me having to pay rent now because my subleaser moved out. But that doesn't really make sense in context.

Better yet, she told me to enjoy my miserable life. I'm also confused as to why, with her four years of psychology studies, she doesn't realize that by her claiming that I have a miserable life, she's projecting her own feelings out on someone else, because she's too weak to deal with them herself. I haven't talked to her in five months, how would she know if my life is miserable or not? But that's not the point. It's that she's in denial.

So now I regret ever having worried about her safety being with a mother fucker like Mike. If she can't see how fucked up it is, then she deserves it. Why do women allow themselves to be abused like that? My other old roommate (one who moved out) said that Hannah told her a reason Mike and Maddy don't like her and her boyfriend was because their relationship was "too happy." How messed up is that? This tells me that she's jealous that they have a good relationship, where Mike and Maddy have to constantly have something to fight about. Seriously- they fight over the dumbest shit.

In closing, fuck Maddy and Mike and their life choices. I know this is probably none of my business, but I thought when your friends were in trouble you tried to help, but clearly Maddy wants none. I am done feeling sorry for her and her life, done feeling sorry about money troubles and family issues, done feeling sorry for her and her lame ass boyfriend. Both can rot. And someday, it would be a pleasure to punch both in the face.

That is my rant. I think I feel better now. They have become a statistic of relationships that contain abuse and the woman isn't smart enough to leave. Snaps for them.

I'm out.