Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charge for Necessities?

I went to Panara Bread this morning to get a bagel and coffee before the dentist (ha), and I saw an interesting sign on their cash registers.

Apparently in Michigan, it is now the law that any place that sells food and prepares food that is serves with knives, spoons, forks or NAPKINS must be taxed for. I asked the woman about it, because I was curious. Her attitude made me think that she thought this new tax was really stupid. She said that people will read that sign, and say "Well then I don't want any utensils!" Her quote "It's just the fact that we HAVE them."

She also blamed it on Granholm, which I laughed about.

I tried googling for a website with more information, and didn't get any immediate results. I'm also feeling really lazy tonight, so I didn't feel like searching further.

Are we really that poor here in Michigan? Oy. Time to move away?