Monday, January 10, 2011

Ruggles Cafe- Milford, MI

**UPDATE** I'm not sure when, but Ruggles Cafe has closed. From what I could tell, they tried to gain a liqueur license, and didn't quite make it. There are now signs in the window for a Mexican style restaurant.

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Mike and I went to Ruggles Cafe a couple of days ago. It's new in Milford, and we just wanted to see what they were about.

First impressions upon walking in: the wait staff seemed really unhappy. They looked up at us as we made our way through the double set of doors with the most depressed and unmotivated looks on their faces. Not the best way to instill confidence in a customer.

Our actual waitress was a little happier, but you could tell that she probably felt the same way as the others working there. Now, as a retail worker, I can relate to how much it sucks doing that stuff. I really can. But even though it's not my favorite job ever, I still have to pretend I'm happy for the customers.

The atmosphere of the place was kind of dreary as well. The walls are painted a sort of purple-gray color. There's some art on the walls, and lots of windows. We were placed by a window that obviously has some leakage, cause neither of us took our coats off the whole time we were there. It was too chilly. The room has a lot of open space, and the ceiling and pipes are all painted black (understandable) but the rest of the space just felt cold.

As for the food, however, it was really good. Mike had a hamburger and he thought it was really good. I had a turkey club with bacon and avocado which was too big for me to eat, so it became more like a salad than a sandwich, but it was alright. I also had chicken noodle soup. I did find a thick piece of chewy skin, but other than that, it was good soup- more than just soup from a can, it had veggies, thick noodles and real chicken.

The prices are reasonable. An average of $8-13 depending on what you order. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

I would still recommend checking this place out for the food. Maybe we went on a fluke day when the wait staff were having a bad day- but really, the food is worth it.

Ruggles Cafe
525 N. Main, Ste. 200
Milford, MI 48381

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