Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Its-a Me! Mario!

I started this project in September of last year, and finally finished a few weeks ago. I've been too lazy/busy to post anything on here, but here I am at last, being a little more productive than usual (and avoiding working out for the moment).

This blanket is made up of 234 little 4" granny squares, that I sewed together with a yarn needle using various left over colors to minimize the amount of random colors seen in the seems. Ha ha. Seen in the seems. Anyways, I'm pretty proud of this blanket, and hope that one day, when I have my own place, it will sit in a place on honor on the back of my couch, that is, unless I actually complete my attempt at making a Detroit Lions afghan, which will then hold a place of honor.

It's big enough to fit completely over my double bed.


On a semi-unrelated note, my mom and I have been making Scarves for the Special Olympics, and I have managed to complete one so far. This one, I used a size N hook and doubled up on the yarn. Hopefully I can actually make more than one, but we'll see.