Friday, August 5, 2011

Mystery Plant!

We have a deck in our backyard, and ever since we moved here, there have been this giant, unruly bushes growing on the other side. Finally, my mom and dad ripped these bushes out and planted normal plants. It really opened up that area, and makes it easier to see my nieces and nephew playing in the backyard from the deck.

This summer, though, we noticed that there were three plants growing in the flowerbed that no one had planted. There were two growing in the flower bed, and a third, little one, growing out of one of those long flower box things that you can put under windows or whatever. The technical term escapes me. We wondered and wondered what could possibly be growing there in that flowerbed. And the plant seemed to be growing quickly. Here are some pictures.


You can see how big it was already. Since then, it has grown even more, and we finally have fruits growing. Now, I had HOPED that it would be a pumpkin plant, because I thought that would be awesome to have homegrown pumpkins. But, after some research into the leaves of various plants, I finally have to conceed that it is not a pumpkin plant. This is what we have:


Butternut Squash. I'm trying to remember if this is what I decided I liked at some point last year (when cooked right) and I'm still not sure. It might be. Anyway, the plant just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and is starting to grow into the yard and onto the walkway from the deck. It's climbing over all the other plants that are in the flowerbed. Hopefully it doesn't choke them out.

It's funny and exciting to have a random plant growing so well away from the rest of the garden, and if this IS something I like, maybe we can grow some more like this next year.