Thursday, March 24, 2011

Story and Butter Chicken

It's been almost two weeks since my cooking accident. While trying to use an emulsion blender to mix butter and sugar for strawberry cupcakes (i already broke our mixer at this point) I stuck my finger in it to scoop out the butter and accidentally turned the thing on and got my finger stuck in the blade. I had to ride in an ambulance to the emergency room so they could get the blade out, and ended up with four stitches. I got the stitches out last week, and I'm still wearing this plastic thing over my finger to protect it, and I can't bend it.. yet. So right now, I have a fear of mechanical spinning blades.

But anyway, as I have not written in a while (finger makes it difficult... left index to be exact) I'll write about the kitchen success I had last night to balance out my finger accident.

Last night, after much searching, I found a recipe for Butter Chicken- Americanized. Apparently most butter chicken comes as an indian recipe with lots of curry, and this one doesn't have any of that.

It was super easy to make. You just take a couple of chicken breasts, soak it in egg, and coat it in a mixture of buttery crackers (I used wheat ritz crackers), garlic salt and pepper. I have this seasoning kit from Little Ceaser pizza kits, one of which is Garlic Pepper Pizzaz. Perfect for the mixture.

Then you put the chicken in the pan, and put little slices of butter around the chicken. Bake it for about 40 minutes on 375 and poof, delicious chicken that my very picky boyfriend enjoy, ate all of and took leftovers for lunch today! And I emerged from this cooking adventure with only a little burn on my finger from bumping the hot pan. Oopsy. haha. I can't leave unscathed.