Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Go With It

Last night, Mike and I went to see Just Go With It. On moviefone, the critics supposedly said "skip it," but since Adam Sandler is one of Mike's favorite actors, and I kinda like Jennifer Aniston, we went and saw it anyway.

The premise of the movie is that Adam Sandler is a plastic surgeon who wears a wedding ring, makes up fake wives who are horrible to him just to get in bed with other girls. But finally, at a party, he meets a girl whom he feels he really connects with. Of course, she finds his ring, which causes him to create this elaborately complicated story about a divorce and kids and all that, which causes him to involve his assistant and her children into the story. All so he can get in with this girl.

The plot takes the group to Hawaii, during which lots of crazy antics happen, and different situations that make the lies even more complicated. And of course, Adam Sandler's character has a change of heart etc. I won't go into details about the end, because I don't want to give it away.

The nice thing about this movie is that it wasn't a bunch of slap stick humor like a lot of Sandler's movies. And he talks like a normal person and not someone who might possibly have some sort of mental disability. You all know what I'm talking about (Waterboy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore...)

The movie is more about situational humor and different things happening to the group that just makes you go "oh no!!" and then laugh.

The two little actors, Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck, who play Jennifer Aniston's kids, did really well. They were funny, cute and witty, and I thought were a welcome addition to the cast. They worked well with Sandler, I thought.

Oh, and Jennifer Aniston is really pretty.

If any part of you likes Adam Sandler movies, this is one worth watching. There are no tear jerker moments (Click) and Mike thought it was a good movie for Sandler to return to comedy from his stint in drama.

I give it a 3 1/2 of 5 stars.