Thursday, March 8, 2012

Same Blog - New Title

My original title was based off a line from a song from the music "Once on this Island." The song is called "Waiting for Life" and it is sung by a girl who lives on an island that is populated by a poorer tribe of people, and on the other side of the island, the richer people. She's singing about wanting something exciting to happen to her.

That was my mentality for a while. Now that I'm older and a little more grown up (probably will never been fully "grown up" :-)  ) I have realized that I can't just wait around for something to happen. I need to do it myself.

Which brings me to the new title, "Defying Gravity," which of course is another song from a musical, this time, "Wicked." Like a lot of people I know who've seen this musical, this song speaks volumes, and has the power to elicit strong emotional responses in people.

My reasons behind liking this song is because of emotional struggles I've had through life. I can be described as someone whose fallen through cracks her entire life. I don't fully blame the other parties for this, because I'm one of has hardly ever spoke up to make myself heard. Various anxieties are usually associated with why I won't speak up.

Anyways, Elphaba, in this moment of the musical, basically says a big "EFF YOU" to OZ, and flies off, defying gravity. It's something that I have always felt I should incorporate more into my life. Why should I single myself out among everyone just because I'm afraid to speak my mind or to get loud? It makes no sense. So recently I decided to stop being that person, and act like the person I actually want to me, which is a strong, confident woman who can overcome depression (with the help of meds x.x) and get what she wants out of life.

Hence the change of the blog title.

Have a wonderful day!