Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What day is it again?

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I really don't even like the concept of Valentine's Day. Same goes for Sweetest Day. Here's why.

In elementary school, at least at mine, the teacher gave everyone a list of names in the class, so you could make sure you gave each kid a Valentine with or without candy, depending on your parents. Of course, those cheap little Valentines were themed, with TV shows, music groups etc. For some reason, even as a kid, I was glad for the list because I knew that meant I would at least get some Valentines.

In middle school, people stopped giving out Valentines cards to everyone, and instead would select a number of friends that matched the number of Valentines you would get in the box. By then, it was usually a big joke over the themes of the cards, because by then,  most people had grown out of their elementary school interests.

In high school, things just get worse. Now that you are exposed to more of the world, you begin to notice when stores begin to pump out the Valentine's Day... stuff... And only a select few people would still give out the little kid Valentines cards, as a joke. Sometimes, your close friends would give you a better card. Or sometimes candy would be given out. And the school just made things worse. You know in the movie Mean Girls when they give out those Santa Gram things? Well my high school offered something where you could have a flower (usually a carnation) or something like that sent to your sweetheart. I would go through the day, looking at all the people with those cheap flowers in their hands and their hair, just loving the attention. It annoyed me.

I got one, once, on Sweetest Day, and then a month later we broke up.

In college, I actually had a boyfriend during one Valentine's Day, and I had high hopes for it. Maybe, this just could be the year when I could have a REAL Valentine's Day! No suck luck. He decided to go home to his parents' house that weekend, leaving me at school to be by myself.... again. (On a side note, he did the same thing during our one year anniversary.)

My point is that I spent pretty much every Valentine's day single, and when I did have a boyfriend, it sucked.

That's why I quit caring. And that's when I found my current man. Last year, he bought me a necklace without me asking. I think we went out to eat that night, but I don't remember.

This year, I said nothing about Valentine's Day to him, expect asking if he'll come over. I made him some cupcakes as well. And it makes me happy that he can brag to his friends that "his girl doesn't celebrate Valentine's day."

Call me screwed up, but I would rather brag about not caring about the day then to brag about some random gift given to me.

However, this does not mean that I won't partake in the "holiday" themed snacks brought into the office. Pink chocolate hearts on a stick? Yes, please!